& Bidding

Vendor Collaboration Guide

Ahmed Group seeks innovative and sustainable solutions from vendors who share our vision of excellence in real estate development. This guide outlines the process for vendors to participate in tenders and bids, aiming for transparency and mutual benefit.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Vendors must demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, quality, and adherence to industry standards. Extensive experience and a robust portfolio are expected. 
  • Submission Process: Submissions should include company details, proposed solutions, and evidence of past success. Please adhere to submission deadlines and format requirements as outlined in tender documents.
  • Evaluation and Selection: Proposals will be evaluated based on quality, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with project goals. Successful vendors will be notified and invited for further discussions.
  • Partnership Expectations: Selected vendors will enter a collaborative partnership with Ahmed Group, expected to maintain high standards of quality and integrity throughout the project duration.

For detailed tender information and submission guidelines, please contact our procurement team.