Rental Scams

Avoid fraud. Rent wisely.

Elevate your rental search and safeguard against scams with these valuable tips from Ahmed Group.

Verifiable Representatives

Ensure the legitimacy of the leasing agent you are working with by confirming their official identification badge as an Ahmed Group employee.

Online Applications Only

For the safety and security of your information, we only accept rental applications through our official website.

Protect Your Deposit

To safeguard your deposit, Ahmed Group only accepts payments through our online resident portal or through certified funds such as money orders or cashier's checks, made payable to Ahmed Group. Avoid making deposit payments to individuals.

Authorized Pricing

Confirm the accuracy of rental pricing by checking our official company website to avoid scams.

Legal Agreement

All leasing contracts from Ahmed Group will be sent to you through DocuSign, ensuring a secure and legally binding agreement.

By following these tips, you can have a more efficient and secure rental search experience with Ahmed Group.

Protect and Familiarize Yourself with Signs of a Scam: